Create Your Wedding Rings

May Hofman Jewellery 'Make your own wedding rings' Jewellery Workshops  
Truly capture your love and friendship by creating the symbol of your devotion and commitment to each other.
Making your own wedding rings together is a unique experience. The time spent together allows you to create something meaningful, perfect and personal. Enjoy some quality time together in the run up to your big day and make a special ring that your special partner will wear forever with pride and passion.
Workshops take place at the May Hofman Clockhouse Studio, in the beautiful Cotswolds.
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Please note we won't be running any workshop now till 2022 


Katie and Trevor_ 'Rosie was absolutely amazing to work with on the making of our wedding rings!!!! As a long standing friend of Trevor's, we knew straight away we wanted Rosie to make our rings!!! The fact that she'd made the first piece of jewellery ever given to Katy by Trev made it that little bit more special too!! Upon asking Rosie, she said yes, and after thinking for some time she got back to us suggesting rather than her make the wedding rings solely, why didn't we go in for a workshop and (with her amazing guidance) make each other's!!! It was the most fun ever- Rosie taught us so much and also provided some banging cheese and pickle sandwiches to fuel our silver wielding extravaganza!! We left at the end of the day, rings made and left behind to be polished and sent away for casting into the metals we'd chosen.....excitement levels for the big day were now through the roof!!! We couldn't wait to see our rings- they now sit even more especially on our fingers as a sign of the hard work we each put into one another's (hopefully a sign of a long, happy marriage to come....) and also of friendship (especially with the wonderful Rosie!!) as beautifully forged little circles of joy!! Everyone who sees them loves their beautiful simplicity and the story behind them. We couldn't recommend Rosie more highly to anyone, her craftsmanship, dedication to the project, and creativity was, and still is, incredible!!! One of the most talented people we know, we are so proud and excited to be wearing one of our dearest friends' creations for the rest of our lives together! P.S. The framed originals with the date of our wedding were a magnificent touch' 


Hollie and Joe_ 'I bought this ring-making day as a Christmas present for my husband-to-be. We both went into the experience knowing little about how to make jewellery, but both appreciated the meaning behind a wedding ring, a symbol of infinity and eternal commitment. When the wedding rings were presented by our best man, the two pieces of metal, that had been lovingly hand-crafted by the other, held much more significance and meaning! Thanks to Rosie, we had a wonderful day. We arrived at her workshop in Stroud at 12 pm, starting the day off with a good old cup of tea! Rosie guided us through each step of the process. She was extremely knowledgeable, clearly explaining and demonstrating each step. Under Rosie’s watchful eye, we experienced soldering, shaping, filing and polishing! She was very patient with the two of us, who had little experience. Rosie provided us with la lovely lunch and arranged for our rings to be engraved, for a worthwhile additional cost. The day ended around 5 pm. It was such a special and enjoyable experience. We highly commend Rosie; she led the session extremely well, and it was great fun working with her'.