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Goodbye To Gold Plated Rings

Goodbye To Gold Plated Rings

When I was driving home from Frome market last month which happened to be my first one in two years! I felt clear headed yet high from a good day of sales and customer responses. I was struck by how I need to rethink things, as with a baby I have a lot less time on my hands. I am keen to focus on the efficiency of my business whilst caring still, Fairmined gold pieces are a way to do this which also enable me as a business to move away from processes that aren't sustainable. I feel that gold plating rings is a costly process for you, me and the planet. It's wasteful and will eventually need renewing which again costs (£20+ for re-plating services) Even though in some cases the gold plating keeps its colour for up to 2 years plus it simply doesn't align with the direction I want to take my business in.  




I feel it's important to clearly outline the reasons for my decision as transparency is key when running a small ethically minded business. 

  • Gold plating is a surface treatment that eventually will wear away! It uses harsh toxic chemicals during the process making it pointless and environmentally unfriendly. 
  • Although I have had great feedback on the longevity and how it uses Fairmined gold, this process still doesn't align with the direction I am taking my brand. 
  • Truly ethical rings must be treasured and loved for generations. From this autumn rings will only be created in Silver, Bronze, 9ct Fairmined Gold and 9ct Recycled. 
  • Why Bronze? Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Copper has health benefits that help to alleviate some deficiencies which I think is so cool.
    Plus if cared for properly, this metal is the perfect affordable alternative option for your gold coloured jewellery. 
  • 9ct Fairmined gold is an investment but still better value for money than the gold plated rings, if you consider maintenance too.
    Fairmined is the best gold you can buy! It makes a statement for thoughtful consumer choices and reinforces good ethical practices. 
  • Recycling gold is also a magical process, whether it's taking old unwanted jewellery or repurposing a much beloved piece recreating that magic it once brought you. From forging to sand casting. I provide a service that allows you to recycle your old gold into bespoke pieces or perhaps some of my stacking ring designs.
  • Recycling means no more gold is mined which is better for fragile ecosystems.
  • Gold plating will remain on the necklaces, studs and hoops for now but I will be phasing this out overtime so my business can be more aligned with its core values.  

I hope this may enlighten some with new knowledge and provide a deeper understanding for my decision.

Enjoy 50% OFF all 'In stock' gold plated rings till they sell out. 

If you are interested in any bespoke orders I will be taking on commissions now via email - ready to be made in September / October. 


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